Project Collaborators

The science we deliver as part of this GEOTRACES section is greatly enhanced by the collaboration with a number of scientists:

Amber Annett (Southampton University, UK)

Kristen Buck (University of South Florida, USA)

Alberto Naviera Garabato (University of Southampton, UK)

Gideon Henderson (Oxford University, UK)

Will Homoky (Oxford University, UK)

Rachel Mills (University of Southampton, UK)

Joe Resing (University of Washington, USA)

Pascal Salaun (University of Liverpool, UK)

Alyson Santoro (University of California Santa Barbara, USA)

Carl Spingys  (University of Southampton, UK)

Scott Wankel (Woods Hole Oceanographic Institute, USA)

Ric Williams (University of Liverpool, UK)

Malcolm Woodward (Plymouth Marine Laboratory, UK)