Final post

Hi everyone,

We are currently moving quickly towards Guadeloupe where we will get off our ship. You can check where we are on the map page.

At the moment we are busy cleaning up the laboratories and making sure the ship is tidy for the next scientists who will join the ship.

We are also packing up all our equipment into boxes so we can send it back to Southampton so we can collect it!

As a final post I wanted to say hello to Matilda in Miss Barr’s class, Nathan and Liam in Miss Dornan’s class, Mia Gaughan-Naylor in Mr McCartney’s class and all from Mrs Benz’s class who all asked whether can play on the boat and what we do in our free time when we are not doing science?

Most of the time on the ship we are working hard to do our science and then the first thing we do when we have spare time is to sleep!

However, we do also have other things we do. Its nice to talk with everyone when we eat our meals (see this post about the food).

We also have a nice games room where we can sit down and have a drink, play darts and table football. We have lots of board games and can play cards together too. During the trip we have organised a table football competition between everyone!

Here is the games room
This is the bar area next to the games room

Yesterday we had a special end of trip barbecue at the end of the ship and everyone dressed up in fancy dress using the things they could find around!

Some of the scientists in their costumes!

Tomorrow will be our last day on the ship … I will get my flight back to England on Friday and be back home in Liverpool on Saturday morning!!

I hope you have enjoyed reading the answers to your questions and I’m sorry for those who I have not been able to reply to.

On Monday morning I will take Matilda to school so come and say hello if you see me!!