Rubbish in the Ocean

Hi everyone at Banks Road! I realise that it has been more than a week since I sent any answers from the ship. I am very sorry about that but we have been very busy ….

I do have something interesting to show you though. Mr Savage’s class (hi everyone!) asked me about plastic in the ocean and whether we will see any?

Yes, I have seen a lot of plastic, especially near to the Azores Island. It is very surprising to see rubbish like this in the sea when we are so far away from Towns and Cities where people are living. Recently, we were stopped in the sea well away from anywhere (look on the map and see how far away the land is!) and a bit of rubbish floated by!

Who can see the funny cylinder shape floating towards us?

As the rubbish got closer we could see that was an aerosol can used to spray hair spray … it was all rusty because it had been floating in the sea for a long time. As it rusts it can release bad things into the water or a sea animal may try to eat it. Not good!

Here it is as it came closer!

It just shows that we need to be careful not to throw rubbish in the street and instead protect our environment by putting it in the bin!

Make sure you do your part by making sure your rubbish goes into the bin!