Becoming a Scientist …

A big hello to:

Heidi, Ivy, Lexi, Matilda, Sophie and Yanyan in Miss Barr’s class


Ava S in Miss Dornan’s class

All of you asked me how you can become a scientist?

Daniel in Miss Corkill’s class also asked me if I enjoy my job?

Being a scientist is a job I really enjoy. I spend my time trying to understand how the world works. As an Ocean scientist, I am especially interested in the sea and how it provides all the things the sea creatures need to grow. Because of my job, I have the chance to visit different parts of the work to talk with other Ocean scientists about new ideas or things we have discovered and I get to go on big ships like this one to see wonderful things!

The Sea: This is what I am trying to understand

To become a scientist of any kind you need to do well at school! First, you need to make sure you go to school everyday and when you are there you need to listen to your teachers. At the same time, you should ask questions about things you do not understand so they can explain things to you!

Look at this amazing Rainbow we saw on the ship!

When you finish primary school and go to secondary school you can learn more about different parts of science. Taking care to practice your Maths is important so you can count up the things you find and estimate how important they are. You also need to pay attention to reading and writing so you can explain to other scientists what you have found!

Other Scientists working hard!

After secondary school, I wanted to continue studying to become a scientist and knew I wanted to especially work on the sea. So I went to a ‘University’ when I could learn much more about being a scientist. After 3 years there I went to another University in the United States of America to do what is called a ‘PhD’ on one very specific part of the sea – after you have a PhD you are an expert and can get a job as a scientist!

Me and my scientist friend Malcolm!

Becoming a Scientist was great, but I could only do it because I paid attention in school! If you’re interested in becoming an Ocean scientist you can learn more by watching some great nature programs like the Blue Planet!

A nice picture of the sunrise to say bye for now!