Cooking at Sea …

Thanks to:

Heidi, Gracey, Harley, Mason and Ivy from Miss Barr’s class

Jack Moran in Mr Savage’s class

All of Miss McGorry’s class

Jake, Maimuma, Casey and John in Mrs Brierley’s class

Dylan, Tom, Katelin and John in Mrs Brierley’s class

And all of Mrs Benz’s class

All of you asked about what we eat on the ship and how we cook our food?

At home, we buy our food from the supermarket and cook it at home or we might go out to a restaurant.

On the ship, we cannot go to the shop to buy our food and instead have to bring everything with us when we sail. That means our ship is full of enough food to feed 50 people for 6 weeks!

As you saw in my earlier response, we live in little cabins and don’t have our own kitchens to make our own food. Instead, we have two fantastic cooks called Darren and Chris who make the food for us in the ships kitchen. Except on the ship the kitchen is called the galley! They make us breakfast, lunch and dinner every day! Even when the ship is rocking a lot in the waves.

Our great Chefs Darren (on the left) and Chris (on the right)
Chris making cookies!

When it is time to eat we all come to the galley and queue up to get our food just like you do at school! We eat our breakfast at half past seven,  our lunch at half past eleven and our dinner at half past five.

Dinner time! With food ready to be served!
The Scientists queue up to get their food – my colleague David from Spain is smiling at the camera!

Darren and Chris are helped by Stevie and Peter who take away the dirty plates and keep the galley clean and tidy.

If we are working late, then we can come to the galley for a snack. Some people like to have some cheese and crackers, while others like to have some biscuits!

Nice tray of cookies!

Have a nice meal to eat is a great treat at sea so we all really appreciate the effort made by our excellent galley team!

Recently we have had some stormy weather with big seas … but now things are calming down! I hope you are all well back in Liverpool!

Stormy seas!