Cups Away …

Hi everyone,

This is a special short message to the children in Miss Barr’s and Miss Dreifuss’s Year One classes:

Last night, in the middle of some rough seas, I put the cups you decorated onto our water sampler and they were sent down to 4,500m depth!

This the frame of our instrument before the bottles are added, I tied two bags of cups on the inside – can you see them?
Now the bottles have been added – can you see the white bag underneath the bottles? Your cups are all in there!

To do this, I put all your cups into two white laundry bags and tied the bags to the frame of the instrument.

Then the whole system gets lifted up by the winch and sent down into the ocean! It took around 2 and a half hours for them to go all the way down and about the same again to come up! So 5 hours in total.

Look at the sequence of pictures below – can you still see the bag of cups?

The cups are lifted out over the railing to the sea
Down they go into the sea!
Splash! They are on their way to the bottom of the sea!

Do you remember what the cups looked like before you decorated them before Christmas? When I get back to Liverpool I will come and visit your school and return the cups to you! What do you think they will look like?

A nice picture of the sunrise to say bye bye for now!