Do we catch fish to eat?

Hi to everyone in Miss Dreifuss’ class and Ellie-Mae in Mr McCartney’s class who asked whether we catch fish to eat?

Thanks for the great question! Of course the sea is all around us and full of fish! Sometimes when we are in the middle of the ocean doing our work we have to keep the ship still for quite a long time – sometimes as long as a whole day at school!

When we do this, sometimes sea creatures come to see us. At the end of last week we did this and a group of fish (a group of fish are called a ‘school’) came to visit us. Look at the picture I took as they swam round and round the ship. The fish are called different names by different people, some call them ‘Mahi-Mahi’ others call them ‘Dorado’.

Dorado fish swimming around our ship – look at their yellow fins!

Some of the scientists got out a fishing rod and did some fishing, but they did not catch anything!! If we did catch something then the cooks on the ship would cook it for us. But don’t worry, we do not have to catch all our food! Our ship has plenty of food for all of us and we have two great cooks! I will tell you about them in another message.

Some of the Scientists trying to fish

Actually the scientists like to try to catch fish. Not because they want to eat them, but because it is a nice way to pass the time looking at the beautiful sea!

Sunset at sea, the cable you can see is carrying our bottles down to the deep sea to collect our samples