Sleeping at Sea

A big hello to lots of children:

Aydin, Gracey, Matilda, Sophie and Teagan in Miss Barr’s class

Jodie-Leigh in Mr Savage’s class

Ms McGorry’s year 3 class

Olivier L in Miss Dornan’s class

Casey, Jake, John and Maimuna in Mrs Brierley’s clas


Thomas in Mr McCartney’s class


All of you asked me the very good question about where I sleep!


All of us on the boat have special little rooms. We call them cabins and its where we go to sleep. Because I am in charge of the other scientists, mine is a bit bigger. You can see in the picture that I have a lounge area where I can work on deciding where to ask the captain to sail the ship to. I then I have another little room with a bed and a bathroom.

This is my lounge area, on the left you can see my sofa, on the right is my desk where I am working

Sometimes sleeping on the boat can be difficult because of the rolling of the sea. This can make you roll around in your bed! You can see that my bed has a special rail on the side so I don’t need to worry about falling out! Sometimes when the weather is bad it can be very difficult to get to sleep because you are rolling around so much! But a little bit of rocking can be nice and relaxing. One of the hardest things to do when the ship is rocking a lot is to take a shower! You need to hold on and also wash yourself!!!

This is my bed you can see the rails that stop me falling out, the phone in case anyone needs me in the night and the photos of my family
This is my little bathroom, I have a sink, a toilet and on the right is a small shower

I like my room as I have big windows so I can see the sea and also look down onto the deck and see what is happening. I have also brought some photos of Matilda, her sister Emilia and Mum.  My next door neighbour on the ship is the captain! His room is similar to mine, but he is facing the front of the ship.